Nikki Schuster, psychotherapist and counsellor serving East London and Essex

Psychotherapy and counselling in East London / Essex

I am a BACP accredited integrative counsellor / psychotherapist working in East London and Essex.

Why counselling / psychotherapy?

When we experience difficulties in our lives, we often feel we should be able to handle it ourselves. Needing another perspective or to talk it through can seem as though we might be doing something wrong or that we are weak or to blame. It takes courage to face up to our difficulties and find better ways of coping; to ask for that help.

That fact that you are reading this text shows that you are already taking the first step towards making sense of what is going on for you.

Maybe I can help

Many of us want to talk to somebody, someone who will listen and accept us - we need this even more when we are having a bad time. It can be easier to talk to someone objective, who isn't a friend or relative. I am trained to listen and help you find your own answers, without making any judgments.